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BEM 6 - Sound Installation Art


Robin Minard

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The following text originated from a seminar which I gave on the subject of sound installation at the Institut für Elektronische Musik Graz during the summer semester of 1995. This seminar was part of a series of lectures presented under the title Die Klangwelt am Rand der Datenautobahn; Ringvorlesung zu Gegenwart und Zukunft der Computermusik. Objectives of my seminar were to introduce students to the idea of sound installation as well as to acquaint them with my own work as a sound installation artist. This text is structured in a similar manner. It first gives definition to general concepts of sound installation, situates my work in relation to these definitions, and then supplies specific information about past and present installation projects. During my stay at the IEM during the summer of 1995, a new installation project was developed. This project is briefly outlined in the final part of my text. Because this publication will be read by an English and German public, I have left quoted German texts in their original form and followed them with English translations. I wish here to extend special thanks to Prof. Heinz Hönig and Dr. Robert Höldrich of the Institut für Elektronische Musik for their invitation to Graz and for their support of my work in the studio. I also owe thanks to Norbert Schnell for his patient help with the computer programming of my installation project.

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