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CUBE B-format RIR dataset (Soundfield ST450 MKII)


Kaspar Müller   IEM

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This dataset includes 720 directional B-format RIRs, i.e. first-order Ambisonic room impulse responses, measured at 30 receiver positions with 1m spacing in an equidistant grid with 24 hemispherical source positions each. The measurements were carried out at the IEM CUBE using Soundfield ST450 MKII microphones. The data is saved according to the SOFA convention (see https://www.sofaconventions.org/mediawiki/index.php/) The required SOFA Matlab/Octave API is available at https://github.com/sofacoustics/API_MO. Contact: kaspar.mueller@kug.ac.at, zotter@iem.at

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room impulse response; Ambisonics; B-format RIR